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DIY Program: How-to guides

Hello International Instituters! This page aims to provide IT related how-to links that will increase your do-it-yourself capability for addressing your technical inquiries. Please contact the International Institute IST team for any thoughts or additional sources you would like published on this page. We always appreciate your feedback greatly!


  Discover Webtools

For more information and how-to links regarding Webtools applications, login to Webtools and click Webtools How-To Guide.


 Learn how to...


...sign into your International Institute email account on a web browser


...configure your International Institute email account on Outlook


...configure your International Institute email account on your mobile devices


...configure and sign in to Skype for Business, (Microsoft Lync)


...set up Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection using Cisco AnyConnect client


...manage emails and mailing lists


...manage basic Internet configuration