15th Annual Graduate Student Colloquium in Armenian Studies

15th Annual Graduate Student Colloquium in Armenian Studies

UCLA Library Special Collections 2089 MS. 1, f. 8: Gladzor Gospels, “Canon Table 1”

Friday, February 24, 2017
9:30 AM - 8:00 PM
314 Royce Hall

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15th Annual Graduate Colloquium Program
9:30AM–10:00 AM

10:00AM–10:10AM Opening Remarks

Jesse Siragan Arlen
Director of 2017 Graduate Student Colloquium in Armenian Studies
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. S. Peter Cowe
Narekatsi Professor of Armenian Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

PANEL 1 • Image and Provenance in Armenian
Manuscript Illumination
Chair: Christine Thomassian
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
University of California, Los Angeles


Gayane Babayan,
Central European University (Hungary)
“The Multi-Cultural Artistic Milieu of the Crimea:
A Note on the Patterns of Artistic Adoption and
Adaptation in the Miniatures of a 14th-Century
Crimean Armenian Four Gospels”

Caroline McCune,
Tufts University (Boston)
"Guns and Roses: The Battle of Avarayr
Depicted in an Armenian Hymnal at the Boston
Public Library”

10:50AM–11:00AM Discussion

PANEL 2 • Armenian and Turkish Idioms in
Ottoman-Armenian Literary Culture
Chair: Sona Tajiryan
Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles


Pınar Karakılçık,
Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (France)
“The Concept of Armeno-Turkish (Turkish in
Armenian Script) in Sociolinguistic Terms”

11:20AM–11:25AM Discussion

11:25AM–11:40AM Coffee/Tea Break

PANEL 3 • Implementing Armenian Literacy
Policies at the State and Community Levels
Chair: Dr. Shushan Karapetian
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
University of California at Los Angeles

Jeremy Johnson,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
“Կորչի անգրագիտությունը: Literacy Typologies
and the Making of Soviet Peoples in Early
Soviet Armenia”

Laura Samvelyan
University of Oldenburg (Germany), University
of Stavanger (Norway), and University of Nova
Gorica (Slovenia)
“Language and Literacy Practices in a Diasporic
Setting: A Case Study of the Armenian
Community of Buenos Aires”

12:20PM–12:30PM Discussion

12:30PM–2:00PM Lunch

PANEL 4 • Armenian Involvement in World
War One and Its Aftermath

Chair: Daniel Ohanian
Department of History
University of California, Los Angeles

Michael Rettig 
California State University, Fresno
“Armenians in the British Intelligence Service
during World War I: A Case Study of Thomas
Mugerditchian and Arshak Safrastian”

Asya Darbinyan
Clark University (Worcester)
“New Research Perspectives on Armenian
Refugees in Imperial Russia (1914–1917)”

Péter Kranitz 
Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Hungary)
“From Colonialist to Humanitarian? The
Dissolution of the Armenian Question into the
Discourse on Refugee Rights”

3:00PM-3:10PM Discussion

PANEL 5 • Genocide and Memory Contested in
an Armenian and Turkish Context

Chair: Ani Shahinian 
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
University of California, Los Angeles

Jennifer Manoukian 
Columbia University (New York)
“Disrupting Literature in Diaspora: Zareh
Vorpuni’s The Candidate and the Nouveau


Okan Dogan 
Bilkent University (Turkey)
“Can Intellectuals Give History a Push? The
Challenges of a Low-Autonomy Intellectual Field
in 21st-Century Turkey”

3:50PM–4:00PM Discussion

Coffee/Tea Break

PANEL 6 • Yerevan’s Urban Landscape in Transition
Chair: Rosie Vartyter Aroush
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
University of California, Los Angeles

Vrej Haroutounian
University of Edinburgh (Scotland)
“Post-Soviet Yerevan: Changes and
Developments after Independence”

4:40PM–4:50PM Discussion

4:30PM–4:50PM Coffee/Tea Break

Closing Events

Harout Senekeremian 
Piano Recital

Greetings from Past Presenters
(coordinator: Ara Soghomonian)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Lilit Keshishyan
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles City College


5:45PM–7:45PM Royce Hall 306

Johanna Romero


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