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    Your Gift Matters

    The UCLA International Institute promotes the study of the world at UCLA, supporting research and education that address the critical global issues of our time. Your generous support will strengthen the Institute's academic programs, give students the life-changing opportunity to study abroad, and help fund our many public events.

Reasons to Give

Why give to the UCLA International Institute?

The most urgent problems facing the world today — whether climate change, economic inequality, infectious diseases or international conflicts — require a global response. Imagine a world in which those responses are developed by the best experts in the world, yet designed to be implemented effectively in vastly different socioeconomic and cultural settings. The UCLA International Institute supports the faculty and students who tackle these problems and lead the solutions.

From supporting one of our many centers, to enabling a student to study abroad, there are many ways you can support the UCLA International Institute.

Why give to UCLA?

Capitalizing on its dynamic location, intellectual capital and inextinguishable desire to effect real change, UCLA is a catalyst for innovation and economic growth. The impact UCLA has in just a single year is enormous:

  • UCLA is a Top 5 Employer in Southern California
  • For every $1 taxpayers invest, UCLA returns $34 in economic activity
  • UCLA events attract 1.6 million visitors annually

Enrollment has grown, but state funding has decreased

Many people are aware that state funding of California public institutions has changed over the decades. Few know just how greatly it has shifted. State support for UCLA has fallen to 7 percent of the university’s total expenditures. That is less public funding than private institutions receive in other states. Private giving is urgently needed to assure that UCLA will continue to offer opportunities to all Californians and produce highly-trained graduates and innovative ideas for our state and our nation.


UCLA ranks in the Top 25 universities for its academic excellence, both nationally and internationally. But in terms of endowment size — that is, donations invested for current and future use — UCLA lags behind many of its private and public peers ($ as of 6/30/2018).

Endowment gifts — especially faculty chairs, fellowships and scholarships — are imperative for attracting world-class faculty and students. Your contribution can help us close the endowment gap between UCLA and other top-tier universities. Together, we will set the standard for a self-reliant public research institution in the 21st century.

Why should Californians give to UCLA?

Nearly three-quarters of UCLA graduates live and work in California. When you give to UCLA, you help create a more educated citizenry, benefiting communities in this region and beyond.

Tax Benefits

Gifts to the UCLA International Institute not only benefit the Institute, its students and faculty; they benefit the donor as well. You will receive an income tax deduction for your gift. Consult your tax advisor regarding current IRS regulations to ensure that you receive the full advantages of your donation.

UCLA Foundation Tax Documentation

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UCLA Foundation W-9 form

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