About the Nagoya Global Education Center

Located in Aichi Prefecture on the island of Honshu, Nagoya is Japan's fourth largest city and both a major port and industrial center. The Nagoya Board of Education's new Global Education Center (GLEC) is home to UCLA Global Classroom's Summer Seminar. Established with the goal of providing a dedicated space for exchange and furthering global perspectives, GLEC hosts various events and programs for students and instructors throughout the Nagoya School District. The Center held its grand opening in July 2019, with the UCLA Global Classroom Summer Seminar as its inaugural program.

About the UCLA Global Classroom Summer Seminar in Nagoya

In Summer 2019, UCLA Global Classroom partnered with the Nagoya Board of Education to launch the UCLA Global Classroom Summer Seminar in Nagoya. The UCLA Global Classroom Summer Seminar is a two-week intensive learning opportunity where Japanese high-school students work with Global Classroom instructors on course work that combines social sciences with instruction in university-level study, writing, and presentation skills.



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