Senior Program Manager

MENG Qun 孟群 (Monica) M.A. from Shanghai International Studies University

Since 2009, Ms. Meng has been integral to the growth and development of Global Classroom and in the operation of Global Classroom’s sites at Jinling High School in Nanjing, China and The Song Ching-Ling School in Shanghai, China.



Program Coordinator

AN Xiaohui 安晓慧 (Judy) M.A. from City University of Hong Kong

Judy An joined UCLA Global Classroom in 2018 to serve as Program Coordinator for the Jinling High School Program in Nanjing, China. Her international experience includes three years working in educational institutions for Chinese students studying abroad.



Curriculum Coordinator

Dr. Eric Altice Ph.D. from UCLA

Dr. Eric Altice joined UCLA Global Classroom in 2011, and currently serves as the UCLA Global Classroom Program Curriculum Coordinator.