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Introduction: Accounts and login


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What are different types of accounts and privileges?

There are 4 types of accounts: front end users, evaluators, editors, and administrators.

Front end user accounts are created in Webtools, but they only allow access to secure pages that require login on center and program websites.

Evaluators only have access to evaluate grant applications.

Editors have access to most features of Webtools such as the article, event, directory, and miscellaneous editors modules. Each editor is assigned one or more center/programs whose data they will have access to.

Administrators have access to all Webtools features. This type of account is reserved for IST personnel.

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How to login to Webtools

Currently, Webtools offers two ways to log in:

You can use your Webtools-specific username and password that you created with the IST team. If you forgot your Webtools logon information or have login problems, please visit here.


You can choose to use your UCLA credentials, in other words your UCLA/BOL Logon and password, which you use across UCLA websites.

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How to edit your Webtools profile

When logged in to Webtools, you can view and edit your profile through the edit profile link next to your username on top right of the page.

In the Basic Information section there are a number of fields that show several properties of your Webtools account. Among these, only the first four fields are editable by the user: Username, Password, First Name, and Last Name.If you would like to change other fields, please contact the International Institute IST group.

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